Fairway Mortgage Login | Create Online Account & Bill Pay Options

Fairway Mortgage Login | Create Online Account & Bill Pay Options

Fairway mortgage login page is a section of the website where you can create your account, and manage your bill pay options to enable you to make your first payments. You can also recover your lost account online and contact their customer care through the phone number available 24/7 hours.

The essence of this article is to serve as a guide for you on how you can manage your fairway mortgage account. We will show you how to log in to your account with quick easy steps, make your payments and recover lost account details in simple steps.

Fairway montage means ( National mortgage lender fairly Independent Mortgage corporation). They primarily engage in mortgages which assists first-time home buyers to buy any house of their choice. They understand that buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you could make in life. So Fairway independent mortgage is here to assist you whether you’re buying your home for the first time or you are simply trying to refinance your home loan.

Fairway Mortgage Login | How to Access Your Account Online Easily

The fairway mortgage sign-in allows you to do several things on your account. This ranges from choosing a convenient bill pay option to applying for your loan or making other changes to your account. Here are the steps for you to follow to access it;

  1. Follow this link to access the login page
  2. Thereafter, enter your login details-username and password, and tap on login to access your fairway mortgage account online
  3. You can choose the “Remember me” option to save your fairway mortgage login details in your browser if you are using your personal device to access the website.

How to Recover Forgotten Username for Your Account

  1. Go to the username recovery page using this link
  2. When you get to the login page, don’t enter any details, scroll down and click on “Forgot username”.  This action will direct you to a new page.
  3. Enter your account registration details for fairway mortgage when you signed up as a new user.
  4. Then click on submit. Follow the next instructions to recover the username from the website.

How to Change Your Account Login Password

How to change fairway mortgage login password
How to change the fairway mortgage login password
  1. When you get to the login page, don’t enter any details, scroll down and click on “Forgot password”.  This action will direct you to a new page.
  2. Enter your account registration details for fairway mortgage when you signed up as a new user. Then click on submit.
  3. Follow the next instructions to change your password.

How to Create A New Fairway Mortgage Account Online

It is required that you have an account before you apply for a loan. Follow the steps below to register a new account on the fairway mortgage

  1. Go to the fairway mortgage login portal using this link here
  2. Tap on the create account option when you get to the login page
  3. Fill out the form with the correct personal details. Like your full name, email address, phone number, username, and password.
  4. Thereafter, confirm that you are not a robot and click on create account to complete the steps.

Fairway Mortgage Bill Payment Options Available

If your first payment is due to Fairway, please mail your first payment to the address highlighted in this section or call our Concierge Department to make a payment by phone free of charge.

Once your loan transfers to your new Servicer you may have options to set up online payments, recurring Automatic draft, and Bi-Weekly payments if offered by your Servicer. Contact your new Servicer directly for details on all available payment options.

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For some customers, the first payment may be due to your new Servicer. Be sure to watch for the Transfer of Servicing notice from Fairway in your mail. You can’t miss it, look for the bright Fairway green envelope!

Payment by Mail:

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

P.O Box 117298

Carrollton, TX 75011

Payment by Phone:

Please call Concierge Department at:


Monday – Friday

8:30am – 5:00pm Central Time.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Loan Options Available for you

Fairway mortgage login allows you to access the following loan options available on the website. They are;

Documentations Needed to Apply for Fairway Mortgage Loan Online

Types of Borrowers

Documents Required

General Documents for all Borrowers

1. W-2 forms (previous 2 years)

2. Paycheck stubs (last 30 days – most current)

3. Employer name and address (2-year history including any gaps)

4. Bank accounts statement (recent 2 months – all pages plus all non-payroll deposits must be documented so make a copy of the check before depositing)

5. Statements for 401(k)s, stocks, and other investments (most recent)

6. Signed federal tax returns (previous 2 years)

7. Residency history (2-year history with name, phone number, address, and account number of landlord or mortgage company)

8. Photo identification for applicant and co-applicant (valid Driver’s License or Passport)

9. Check or credit card information for credit report and appraisal fee

10 New home Sales Agreement, specifications, plans, and/or legal description

Divorced Borrowers

Divorce Decree

Self-Employed Borrowers

1. Copies of most recent tax returns within the last 2 years

2. YTD profit and loss statement and balance sheet

3. Copy of business license or CPA contact information

4. 1099s or K1 forms


1. Copy of Note, Deed of Trust, or Mortgage

2. HUD-1 Settlement Statement/Closing Disclosure

3. Survey

4. Homeowner’s insurance information

Eligible Active Military or Veterans

1. Veteran DD214 or Veteran Reservists DD256

2. Certificate of Eligibility

Fairway Mortgage Loan Application Process

Do the Initial Consultation

Here you should reach out to fairway mortgage experts through their email or phone number for consultation. Here, you will find out the down payment that you need to make, how much your interest rate will be for the home, and how long you are going to live there.


When you get fairway pre-qualification, it determines how much you are edible to get from them as a loan. Pre-qualification is not a pre-approval, nor does it guarantee that you will get the loan you applied for. Here, they check your documents, credit history, and other vitals to determine how much they can give you bearing in mind the risk factors.

Loan Application

This is the stage where you can go to their website, and choose the loan option that you want to apply for. You should determine the amount you need and the kind of home that you want to buy before starting the application. The process does not take time and it’s very easy to execute. Furthermore, gather all the necessary documents that you need for the Fairway mortgage application online.

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Processing of the Loan

When you have completed and submitted the application  through the fairway mortgage login page via their website, a loan processor collects your file and submits it for vetting. Here they will conduct a credit check from any of the credit reporters to determine your credit score and history.


The underwriter checks your file to ensure that you meet all the requirements before approving the loan. The steps do not require any action from you. It takes a few hours to complete this stage.


At this stage, you will get a loan commitment letter which contains all the details of the loan including the rate, amount approved, and the tenor.


This is the final stage of the application. Here you will sign different documents. Come along with your Photo ID and some payment to cover the initial payment you are supposed to make and other costs. Thereafter, you will receive the keys to your new house.

Fairway Mortgage Loan Branches Near Me

If you do not fancy using their online services, you can always locate any of their branches near you to make your application or manage your account there. Follow this link to search for fairway mortgage branches near me easily.

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How do I Download Fairway Mortgage Loan App

Download FairwayNow App on Appstore:

You may find FairwayNow App in the Appstore by searching its name or following this link: FairwayNow on IOS

Download FairwayNow App on Google Play:

FairwayNow App may be found in Google Play by searching its name or following this link: FairwayNow on Android

When you have downloaded it, install and launch the app on your device. Enter your email and username to log in through the app. Meanwhile, you can do everything through the app, making payments and managing your account becomes easier.

Fairway Mortgage Hours of Operation | Customer Care Phone Number


  Hours of Operation

Contact Phone Number and, Email and Office Address



8: 30 am – 5: pm

Loan servicing Phone number



8: 30 am – 5: pm

Loan servicing Email Address



8: 30 am – 5: pm

Complaints phone number



8: 30 am – 5: pm

Complaints Email



8: 30 am – 5: pm

Contact Address

4750 S. Biltmore Lane

Madison, WI 53718

Toll-Free Number



We have explained everything to you right from how to log into your fairway mortgage account online, change your details and how to make payments using any of the bill pay options. Go over it again and apply the instructions above.



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