How to Request for Scotiabank Mortgage Online Statement

More so, most persons don’t know how to read the mortgage statement sent to you by your lender. This article will show you can request your mortgage statement either through the web or Scotiabank mobile app easily.

However, do you understand the concept of a mortgage statement? Let us have a quick look at what it entails and why you shouldn’t miss it at all for any reason.

Meaning of Scotiabank Online Mortgage Statement

A mortgage statement gives you a breakdown of the history of your financial dealings with Scotiabank. Mortgage lenders are usually required by the law to send statements to their consumers monthly. It contains details like the terms of the mortgage, interest rate, payment history, and payment balance. So if you want to view the history of your mortgage transaction with your lender, then you need to request a mortgage statement either online or by phoning customer care.

The mortgage statement helps you check for errors when you review them with mortgage calculators online. Since it provides the length of the loan term, you’ll be able to know when your loan is due for payment to avoid penalties.

Importance of Checking your Mortgage Statements Regularly

A mortgage statement when delivered or printed( if it’s an e-statement) gives you information about your principal mortgage balance, an update on any change in interest rates, the recent mortgage payment made, and your payment history. It also includes tax information and escrow balance in most cases.

What is the Format of a Mortgage Statement

Scotiabank has a legal duty as imposed by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in its periodic statement regulation that its mortgage stamens shall bear the following details;

  • Lenders phone number and email address for contact
  • Loan Account number
  • Payment Due date
  • Amount Due
  • Account information ( Including maturity date, outstanding principal, prepayment penalty)
  • Current Payment due( Principal interest, Escrow for taxes, and insurance)
  • Transaction History containing the description, late fee, and payment received
  • Previous Payment Details.
  • Repayment Penalty and Maturity Date.

How to Get My Scotiabank Mortgage Online Statement via the Webpage

Follow these steps to obtain the electronic statement of Scotiabank;

NOTE: Ensure that you have a PDF reader installed on your computer to view the online statement.

  1. Move to the login page of Scotiabank
  2. Enter your card number or username, and password, and then tap on the sign-in button. Meanwhile, follow the steps here to resolve Scotiabank can’t log in problems.
  3. Then go to the online statement option on the account summary page from the settings
  4. Select the bank account and the period in which you need the e-statement
  5. If the statement is not showing, you should enable pop-ups. Simply choose the “always allow” pop-ups and select the month again.
  6. Now you can use the PDF Reader to view and download the online mortgage statement if you want to have it on your computer

Note: You can also request for the Scotiabank mortgage online statement through the LLC website. Tap on this link here to get the e-statement.

How Do I Get Scotiabank Mortgage Statement through the App

  1. Download and install the Scotiabank app
  2. Enter your login details to the account
  3. Choose the account you want to get the statement. Here select Mortgage
  4. Then view your account details from the drop-down menu
  5. Select the view statement and the month you want to view the statement

How to Print Scotiabank Statement Online Via the Web

  1. Go to the communications center from your account page
  2. Choose documents and the one you will like to print
  3. Then tap on the print option

Where to Find Scotiabank Account Statement Via the App

  1. Open the app and go to my updates
  2. Choose the recent statement from the app
  3. Click on view all statement
  4. Click on the statement you will like to print
  5. Tap on the upload icon and print it out

How to Read Scotiabank Mortgage Statement

The mortgage statement by Scotiabank contains all the information about your loan. Go through it and check for errors and any discrepancies. Meanwhile bear in mind that your mortgage statement also reminds you to make your Scotiabank mortgage payment on time. You can make the payment online, through the app, or by phone call to their customer care.

Meanwhile, if you need any help with your mortgage statement, you can reach out to the Scotiabank customer service team to explain everything to you.

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